Action Required

As per ICANN Policy, action is required from the Registrant of this domain:

  • If this is a new Domain Registration, the Registrant must respond to a verification email which was sent at the time of registration. Perform a WHOIS look up to determine the email address used for the Registrant, if necessary.
  • If this is an existing Domain Registration:
    • The Registrant contact data on this domain has been modified but not verified by the Registrant within 15 days of the change being made.
    • The Registrant has failed to respond to requests to verify their contact information within 15 days, and therefore the Registrant contact information deemed to be incorrect.

To reactivate this domain either:

  • Follow the steps outlined in the email previously sent to the Registrant.
  • Update the Registrant email address via the respective Webnames account, and then follow the steps outlined in the subsequent email which is sent to the Registrant.